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Welcome to the best dairy equipment classifieds on the web! Purple Udder was born out of the need to have a central hub for the dairy industry to sell and shop for used, new or specialized dairy equipment, free of charge.

Until now, the only options for farmers and dairy equipment dealers to sell off their used equipment were:

  1. Brokerage Sites: There are several brokerage sites online specializing in used dairy equipment. The problems with the existing options on the market is that A: They have high brokerage fees, especially on high value items, B: They have archaic websites that are difficult and confusing to navigate through and C: The fact that they are brokerage sites. Sometimes you don’t want to have to go through the tedious process of using a middle man when all you want to do is pick up the phone, talk to the seller and make a deal.
  2. Their own websites: Many dairy equipment dealers and farms have their own websites with a “used” or “for sale” section. Sure, this may get you some exposure, but having items listed on hundreds of different websites across North America is not conducive to quickly and efficiently selling off your products. PurpleUdder was designed from the ground up to be THE central hub for dairy farmers and dairy equipment dealers when the time comes to buy or sell their equipment.
  3. Craigslist/Kijiji: Local classifieds sites are great, but they have a wide cross section of the public using their sites. Do you really want to be sifting through used baby clothes, stained old couches, and local handyman services to find specialty dairy equipment? Us neither…

Although Purple Udder is new, it is owned and operated by a team of passionate folks with many years of experience in the dairy and classifieds industries.

It is our goal to make Purple Udder a household name for anyone and everyone involved in the dairy industry, and we are excited to have you along for the ride!

Shop around, or post your own used equipment for free at https://PurpleUdder.com/post.

If you have ANY feedback as to how we can make PurpleUdder even better, please send us an email at info@purpleudder.com. We would love to hear from you!

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